Pink Gradient Manicure With Essie Polishes

If you’re a fan of the way nail art looks but lack the time, patience, or skill for anything too complicated, this pink gradient manicure will be right up your street. Carry on reading for information on the beautiful Essie shades I chose for this pretty pink nail art.

Pink gradient manicure with essie nail polish - Talonted Lex

The nail community is a bit torn on what to name this type of nail art: some call it ombré, some call this look a skittle nails manicure, but I’m sticking with a ‘pink gradient manicure’ for ease of understanding! If you want to recreate this look, it’s really simple: choose five nail colours that are in the same family (e.g. all blues, or all reds) and apply them in order. That’s it! I chose all Essie shades simply because I have the widest colour selection from them (and I got oddly intense about the exact shades I wanted – not that I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my nails or anything…!)

Pink essie polishes - Talonted Lex

The colours I used for this manicure – going from darkest to lightest – were Essie B’Aha Moment* (Boots, Amazon), Status Symbol* (Boots, Amazon), Backstreet Bestie (Amazon), Inside Scoop* (Essie Gel Couture range – Boots, Amazon), and Sweet Soufflé* (Boots, Amazon). The first three shades required two coats, while the lighter colours needed three coats for full opacity.

As always I used OPI Nail Envy as a base coat (if you have weak or peeling nails this is THE DREAM) and Seche Vite as a topcoat (so shiny and makes everything dry pretty much instantly).

Pink gradient manicure with essie nail polish - Talonted Lex

Do you like the look of this pink gradient manicure? Do you think you’ll be trying it yourself? Let me know in the comments below! While you’re here,  you can have a peek at my other nail art posts HERE.


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Pink gradient manicure with essie nail polish - Talonted Lex


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