April Is Rosacea Awareness Month: Why It’s So Important

This month marks the 5th annual Rosacea Awareness Month. Although I’ve been talking about rosacea on this site for 7 years, it’s really only in the past 2 years that there’s been a noticable shift in the conversation.

April is Rosacea Awareness Month so I wanted to celebrate with some cute nail art. What is rosacea? Rosacea tips and skincare advice. #talontedlex #rosaceaadvice #rosaceahelp

It may seem strange to be talking about rosacea when there are much bigger things happening around the world. But, even in the face of a global pandemic, we are still human. We still have to live day to day with things that upset us, cause us pain, and affect our day to day lives.

Stress is by far my biggest rosacea trigger and this situation *is* stressful. You have probably been thrown out of your routine (something those of us with skin conditions rely on), are probably eating differently, perhaps not sticking to your usual skincare routine as stringently. Even the simple fact that more time in the home probably means more time near mirrors (especially with the amount of hand-washing we’re doing) could result in a dip in your mood.

So, this month (as always) I will be banging the drum for rosacea awareness, rosacea acceptance, and skin positivity in general.

Keep an eye on the blog as I have some great posts planned, as well as my Instagram account where I have daily content going out filled with inspiration and advice as well as the comment section which is always filled with others who can sympathise, offer support, and who are just as there for you as I continue to be.



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April is Rosacea Awareness Month so I wanted to celebrate with some cute nail art. What is rosacea? Rosacea tips and skincare advice. #talontedlex #rosaceaadvice #rosaceahelp

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