Things You Need To Know About…

The past few months have been a bit strange. I’ve been quite unadventurous with my make up and I failed spectacularly at reading anything that wasn’t Twitter or beauty blogs. I didn’t even do a monthly favourites post for March as I just felt so uninspired. So instead I decided to just pick the 3 stand out items that got me excited, rather than fleshing out a post with items I just thought were okay. Read on for the 3 things you need to know about…


3 Things You Need To Know About…

First up is a perfume that has not left my wrists since the moment I got it: the Miller Harris Vetiver Insolent eau de parfum*. I was invited to an evening at their boutique through the 30 Plus Blogs collective and it was really interesting. Fragrance is something that really interests me but one I have a very limited knowledge of. The lovely staff there took us through their entire range, talked about the inspiration behind the scents, and the history of the company. There are so many interesting aspects to the company but the one that really appealed to me is that they don’t believe in gendered fragrances – the customer is free to choose what they are drawn to without thinking in terms of female or male labels. This particular fragrance has top notes of bergamot, cardamom and black pepper, a heart of lavender, iris and amber which give it a lovely light floral scent (without being too girly), and base notes of Vetiver haiti, Tonka bean and moss. It’s sweet, fresh and woody all at once which means that I just could not stop smelling it! You can purchase it HERE, although I would recommend going in and trying it out for yourself – it smelt completely different on each person at the event. In fact, this may be the only blogger event I’ve been to where the guests were encouraged to smell each other…!

We also had the bottles personalised with engravings while we were there – so sweet!


I am a huge fan of statement necklaces and when I saw that Black Heart Creatives were having a sale I knew exactly what I wanted. I’ve seen a few people wearing these candy heart necklaces with various slogans (you can choose your own or go for a standard message like I did, PLUS you can choose the colour of the heart) and had been coveting one for a while. If laser cut acrylic jewellery is your thing, then this website will be heaven for you! You can buy your own HERE.

Things You Need To Know About - Black Heart Creatives Necklace

The last thing that has been entertaining me this month is the Samsung Galaxy S7* which was kindly loaned to me for a week by Three so that I could faff about with it to my heart’s content.

Things You Need To Know About - Samsung S7

I’m not going to pretend that I know much about phones: as long as they provide me with the internet and let me stay in contact with people I’m pretty happy. However, there were a few things about this phone that wowed me. The big one is that it’s waterproof. Yep. Actually waterproof. Which means if you’ve lost too many phones to the bottom of a toilet, puddle, or ever drowned one a full class of red wine, you will be rejoicing. I tested it out by putting it in a sink full of water and it was totally fine (although it took me about 2o minutes of psyching myself up to do it, just in case it didn’t work!)

The second thing to impress me was the battery life. I’m an iPhone girl and, as much as I love them, the battery is about as much use as a chocolate teapot. I have to carry a phone charger with me at all times as I can never go a whole day without charging. Over the course of a week I only had to charge this phone 3 times. That. Is. CRAZY.

Things You Need To Know About - Samsung S7

The last feature of this phone that I was won over by was the camera – the regular camera is really great, but let’s be honest… all I care about is the front facing camera. My camera roll is 75% selfies. And the forward-facing camera on this phone is BRILLIANT (photo above taken with the front facing camera). My favourite feature is that you can touch your finger to a sensor on the back to take a photo – no fiddling around with buttons on the side (which inevitably mean your photo is shaky…just me?) One tap on the back – where your finger already rests naturally – and you are good to go!

Things You Need To Know About - Samsung S7

Plus it has so many fun modes and changeable features that can help to take your selfies to a whole new level – some of which are potentially *too* far. The face-slimming one is a bit much…but others include ones that gives your skin a subtle glow, a wide-angle mode for those times when your arms just aren’t long enough to fit a group of friends into one shot, and a food setting that automatically blurs the background – helloooo instagram-ready meal shots! You can find more information about the phone HERE.

This may have been a smaller post than usual in terms of number of items, but I definitely waffled for longer! Hopefully next month I’ll be back to my usual multi-product favourites again. Did any of my ‘things you need to know about’ catch your eye?


*Items with a * were provided as a PR sample. Some links may be affiliate. For more information, please see my disclaimer page.



    • Lex
      23rd June 2016 / 6:39 pm

      Thank you so much Rachel, I am really into my bright eye make up at the moment!

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