Modern 80s Make Up Inspired By ‘Sing Street’ #AD

The 80s: big hair, bigger shoulder pads, amazing music and some of the best make up ever seen. So when Lionsgate asked me if I wanted to do a modern 80s make up look to celebrate the release of ‘Sing Street’ on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download I could not have been more excited.

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Modern 80s Make Up

If you haven’t seen ‘Sing Street’ I cannot recommend it highly enough. It’s a fantastic feel-good film set in Ireland in the 80s. It’s about a boy who starts a band to impress a girl – the classic move – and as his musical influences change (from Spandau Ballet, to The Cure, to Hall & Oates….) you can see the fashion choices and attitude of the band change as well. The soundtrack is flipping amazing and it has been on rotation on my Spotify ever since I watched the film! I haven’t felt this way about a film since I watched Pride (if you haven’t seen that, definitely watch that after you watch Sing Street): I was sat beaming at the end of the film and just wanted to lend it to everyone I’ve ever met!

👉 You can download or buy the film HERE 👈

Modern 80s Make Up Modern 80s Make Up

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Modern 80s Make Up

Modern 80s Make Up

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  1. 18th August 2016 / 12:26 pm

    You look good, I love the green, it compliments and brings out your blue eyes! x

  2. 18th August 2016 / 6:53 pm

    Your make up looks fab – I was born in 1983 so dabbled with my very first pieces of make up in the late 80s – I remember my mum letting me wear yellow and pink eyeshadow for the school disco!

  3. Rhian Westbury
    18th August 2016 / 9:24 pm

    Love the look and the green eyes and lips actually look really good together x

  4. serenityyou
    18th August 2016 / 9:28 pm

    sounds like a good film. Love the make up especially the pink lipstick, it really suits you

  5. 19th August 2016 / 9:42 am

    Obsessed with your lip colour – such a gorgeous shade X

  6. 19th August 2016 / 10:57 am

    I have wanted to see this movie for ages but just haven’t got around to it yet, you’ve jogged my memory into doing so! I also love the look you’ve created, it’s so wearable and looks great on you xx

  7. Shan ♡ (@shannonmritchie)
    19th August 2016 / 1:12 pm

    I love this makeup look! So bright and vibrant! Perfect to fit in with Sing Street!

  8. Shan ♡ (@shannonmritchie)
    19th August 2016 / 1:14 pm

    This look is perfect to fit in with Sing Street! I love how vibrant it is!

  9. Cherie
    19th August 2016 / 2:15 pm

    I am loving this look, I am a huge fan of green eyeshadow x

  10. 19th August 2016 / 4:39 pm

    Wow this look is so good on you dont think I could pull it off. X

  11. Helen
    19th August 2016 / 5:09 pm

    I’ve not seen Sing Street but I’m adding it to my “to watch” list now. I love the look you’ve created to go with it, I really like how you’ve made it modern (and less garish than the 80s look lol!)

  12. 19th August 2016 / 6:00 pm

    My mummy couldn’t pull off that look! Love the pink lipstick though…great interpretation of an era xx

  13. TheLondonMum
    19th August 2016 / 7:36 pm

    It looks fab!!! I love how you’ve blended the green eye shadow. And that lipstick is stunning!

  14. 20th August 2016 / 12:38 pm

    I absolutely love that green eyeshadow on you, it is blended perfectly and suits you to a T. I haven’t seen the film yet but it is on my list!

  15. 20th August 2016 / 8:44 pm

    The green eyes look pretty amazing I have to say and the lipstick is of course divine x

  16. 21st August 2016 / 7:56 am

    Love the colours – it looks so refreshing. I think this is where my mum’s inspiration comes from. She mostly uses a pink lipstick and green shadows 🙂

  17. 21st August 2016 / 2:15 pm

    Great to see you rocking a green eye. I’m more into my nudes and glam natural tones than brights these days xxx

  18. 21st August 2016 / 9:35 pm

    I love bright makeup and this looks amazing. 80s makeup is my favorite x

  19. 22nd August 2016 / 1:32 pm

    Such stunning shades, you look lovely! The lip shade is my fave

  20. 23rd August 2016 / 11:09 pm

    Love your tutorial, but you’ve made me feel REEEEEEALLY OLD! I actually wore eighties makeup IN the eighties – my ‘go-to’ look was light blue eye liner and electric blue mascara with crimped hair (of course).

  21. 24th August 2016 / 2:30 pm

    I have never seen sing street before but it is one of the only 80’s look that I have seen done well. You have done a great job xxx

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