Essie Spring 2017 Collection

Yesterday I showed you the Essie Wild Nudes collection, which are all dreamy neutrals, and at the end of that post I promised a review of the Essie Spring 2017 collection for those of you who prefer a bright and bold nail varnish look. And this collection will not disappoint!

essie Spring 2017 collection

Some of the Essie 2017 spring colours have really won me over, while others are a bit of a swing and a miss for me. I wonder if you can guess which are which before reading…!

Essie ‘Excuse Me Sur’*- Would you say this is a ‘sun-kissed coral mango’? No, me either. This is a pretty standard peach creme which is a safe bet for any spring nail varnish range. This didn’t blow me away, but it is a classic pretty shade that I think most nail varnish lovers should have in their collection. Plus it has a lovely formula, with only two coats needed, so if you’re in the market for a flattering spring/summer pastel then I may have found your dream polish.


Essie ‘Backseat Besties’* – I don’t think essie’s description of this as a ‘beautiful delicate pink’ really does it justice. Although my description of ‘a slightly muted Pepto Bismol pink – in the nicest possible way!’ is probably no better. Pink nails are often my go-to shade for making myself feel perkier and brighter so this colours inclusion in the range makes total sense to me. This needed three coats to get rid of any bald spots. I think this one surprised me the most with how much I loved it on my nails.

Essie ‘B’aha Moment’*. I feel like I’m being trolled with these descriptions…! This is apparently an ‘enlightening pink pomegranate’. I would say it’s a cherry red, perhaps one with a more pink tone than these photos could capture (if you look at the colour in the bottle I’d say that’s a little bit closer). This isn’t unique in my collection but it’s a great shade that will go with so many outfits and would look beautiful on all skin tones. This only needed two thin coats, and could probably be a one-coater on shorter nails.

Essie ‘All The Wave’* – the essie site sums this up as a ‘sapphired indigo’ and I don’t know how to describe it any better but I think it has a really unique grey tone that makes it a little less garish that it would have been otherwise. It’s a bright, eye-catching blue polish but it still looks very flattering and chic. This was an easy two coater.

Essie ‘On The Roadie’* – This is a ‘vibrant kelly green with avocado tones’ and I LOVE IT. Green is probably my favourite colour and this is definitely the collection’s stand out shade. And I think the description is actually spot on, the avocado reference helps to sum up that it’s vibrant but also has a bit of a pastel tone to it as well. Two coat perfection, although it did stain my nails slightly – pretty standard for this type of shade – so don’t forget your base coat.

Essie ‘Designated DJ’* – For me, this ‘plum sangria creme’ stood out in the collection for the wrong reasons. I feel like it may have got lost on the way to the Fall collection… I’m a big fan of wearing whatever shades you like in whatever season you like, but this is a very vampy rich purple which just doesn’t seem to fit cohesively with the rest of the range. In some of the promo shots it looked like a lighter more vibrant purple, which I would’ve preferred. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful colour, but I just wish they’d put something a bit more fun in to round off the collection.

As always, the comments are open so let me know your thoughts: which of the essie Spring 2017 collection is your favourite? Are you feeling the pinky-nudes more or the bright bold shades? How do you feel about the darker plum shade being included? Tell me, tell me! FYI, the essie Spring 2017 collection is a Superdrug exclusive so don’t panic if you can’t see it in Boots!


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