Essie Wild Nudes Collection

Today I have four of the essie Wild Nudes collection polishes to show you. I think the full collection has nine or ten colours (some of which I definitely need to pick up… hellllooooo ‘without a stitch’, you will be mine!) But let’s take a look at the four colours I have…

Essie Wild Nudes Collection - Full review

I’m a bit confused as to why this collection is called ‘Wild Nudes’ as there are a lot of colours in it that are not nudes. Neutrals, yes. Nudes? Nope. But never mind the semantics, let’s look at the colours.

Essie ‘Bare With Me’* is a muted peach nude (or as essie describe it ‘an apricot tone with a grey cast’) that would look very chic if you wanted a lighter pretty shade. This needed three coats for full coverage, but dried smooth and shiny.

Essie ‘Clothing Optional’* is one of those colours that looks just okay in the bottle, but as soon as I applied it to my nails it was true love. The description of ‘lighter sienna brown’ does not do it justice in my eyes. It’s a mauve-brown with such a beautiful warm tone – I think this would look beautiful on all skin tones. This needed two coats for the coverage shown below.

Essie ‘Exposed’* – I’m not sure I have another polish this colour in my collection, so it’s a very welcome addition. A grey-toned olive green that feels quite autumnal with a military kind of feel but I love it all the same. This was another two-coater.

Essie ‘Winning Streak’* – If you have read my blog for a while, you will be able to guess that I ADORE this colour. Is it grey? Is it purple? It’s grurple. And it’s just beautiful. I must have every possible shade of grey polish in my stash but I find myself drawn to them anyway. This only needed two coats for total coverage.

One odd thing was that this shade came to me in one of the old essie bottles: it had the thin brush (yuck!), no ‘essie’ printed on the bottle in white, and the ‘e’ embossed on the top of the bottle instead of a sticker. I’m not sure why, but thought I’d address it in case any of you eagle-eyed readers had spotted it!

As I mentioned before, this isn’t the essie Wild Nudes collection in its entirety but I think I probably would have picked all of these colours if I had the choice. Which is your pick from the essie Wild Nudes range?

Also, if you’re not a neutrals/muted polishes kind of person, have a look at the Neon range or keep an eye on my blog tomorrow for the essie Spring 2017 collection…!


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  1. Rhiannon Pulling
    23rd May 2017 / 7:23 am

    These are gorgeous shades! I especially li,e the grurple shade lol x

    Everything But The Kitchen

    • Lex
      27th May 2017 / 2:17 pm

      Gotta love a bit of grurple! Thank you for your comment 🙂 x

  2. Stephanie
    31st May 2017 / 11:55 pm

    Looks amazing

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