SensatioNail Peel-Off Nail Polish: Take The Faff Out Of Glitter Nails

A glittery manicure is the easiest way to get into the festive spirit and can add some much needed sparkle to an outfit… but the faff of removing glitter nail varnish can put a lot of people off. Introducing the answer to your spangly nail prayers: SensatioNail Peel-Off polish.

SensatioNail Peel Off Polish - taking the faff out of glitter removal

I am so excited to show you the SensatioNail Peel-Off polish collection*… not only are the nail varnishes beautiful in their own right, but the removal is so easy and quick that I think it might be a struggle to go back to regular polish!

Sensational have combined water-based colour, a high gloss finish, and peel-off removal technology. You don’t need a base coat, top coat, LED lamp, or acetone and after removal you’re left with perfect nails with no damage or dryness. Plus you get that super satisfying peel-off-in-one-go fun… just me? Especially at this time of year it’s so helpful that you can change your colour to match your outfit with no time or stress. In case you can’t tell, I love these!

SensatioNail Peel Off Polish - taking the faff out of glitter removal

I would recommend taking your time when layering up these polishes, otherwise you get a lot of gloopy sections: resist the urge to do thick layers to get lots of glitter and do a few thin layers. Also, I showed the polishes on bare nails below to show the coverage, but they would look beautiful over colour. So if you’ve had a gel manicure that you wanted to jazz up a bit, or wanted to add a little short-term shine to a regular manicure, then these are the dream. Simply paint your nails with a top coat as normal, wait for that to dry completely, then add some glitter (don’t use topcoat after this step or they won’t peel off, which kind of defeats the object…!)

Good As Rose Gold* is a beautiful and flattering shade, with silvery-pink glitter in a clear base. If you’re a fan of more unusual metallic colours then this one will definitely catch your eye. The photo above shows the polish after three thin coats.

Stop Metalling In My Business* is by far my favourite in the range, not just because of the beautiful gold shade but also because it seems to be the most densely packed with glitter, which makes it easy to build up to a full coverage shiny finish. This photo shows three thin coats (as with the previous colour) but as you can see it has much more coverage.

Set In Rhine-Stone* is a very pretty and eye-catching silver shade, but the polish didn’t seem as densely packed in as in the others (even after three coats). I had to do quite a lot of placement to ensure there were no bald spots with no glitter, but if you’re looking for something subtle then this may be your ideal option. Imagine this colour over black or dark red… *eyes turn into hearts*

Are you tempted by the SensatioNail Peel-Off polish range? Are you a glitter nail fan but hate the removal? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Gill
    21st December 2017 / 4:21 pm

    Is the glitter rough if you don’t use a top coat? Have you tried Unt peel off base coat?

    • Lex
      26th January 2018 / 10:37 am

      It’s not smooth but I wouldn’t say it’s rough – it doesn’t catch on hair or clothes which can sometimes happen with glitter polishes. I haven’t tried that peel off base coat but I’ve tried a few others. I like them but I think the peel-off polishes are a good option if you’re too impatient to wait for a base coat to dry!

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