Skincare Shake Up: June 2018 Edition

I typically post one Skincare Shake Up post a month to show you what I’m using and what has made the cut, but some of you have noticed that I skipped May. I had been trying a few new products and wanted to give them a little bit of time because summer weather and rosacea are not a fun combination at the best of times, but adding in unknown products? Potentially disastrous! So both of the skincare routines below have been in place for two months.

Skincare routine for sensitive skin, skincare for rosacea. Talonted Lex skincare shake up.

Here’s my standard Skincare Shake Up blurb, just in case you’re new around here: I always split the Skincare Shake Up posts into my evening and morning routines. Sometimes there are products that crossover but typically they will be quite different. Last month I trialled a new system where I labelled which products were ‘must haves’ and which are ‘nice to haves’ when building a routine; which products do what; what order to use them in, etc. I used a code – MH for ‘must have’, NTH for ‘nice to have’. The products are in the order I use them and I’ll try to explain why if there’s a specific reason for that. I try to include as much info on ingredients or extra details as possible (e.g. if it’s vegan, perfume-free, alcohol-free) but please bear in mind that my information isn’t exhaustive and you should still do research to double check if these things are important to you.

Are you sitting comfortably? Let us begin…

Skincare routine for sensitive skin, skincare for rosacea. Talonted Lex skincare shake up.


First Cleanse (MH if you wear a lot of make up or SPF) – For removing make up, I’m still loving The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil – it’s actually running low so I need to top up. If I wasn’t wearing make up or SPF or just wanted a quick cleanse (it’s so warm and sweaty in London this has been entirely necessary recently!) I’ve been using the Klorane Floral Water Make Up Remover* which is lovely. The pump lid makes using it so easy with very little waste, and the product is a pleasure to use. Very lightly fragranced (with a natural scent, no added fragrance here), doesn’t annoy my skin, and leaves it feeling calm and clean. Plus it’s enormous so will last ages!

Second Cleanse (MH even if you don’t wear make up) – I first tried the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cleanser* about 6 months ago and it’s just as good as I remembered. It removes all make up and leaves my skin feeling soothed and calm – a wonderful, simple option if you are looking for a new cleanser.

Exfoliation (exfoliation is a MH if you have dull or dehydrated skin, and chemical exfoliation is a kinder option if you have sensitive skin) – In my last Skincare Shake Up post I mentioned that I was still on the look out for my holy grail chemical exfoliator product and I think I may have found it in the Medik8 Blemish Control Pads*. They are alcohol-free, contain 2% salicylic acid, are vegan friendly, and non-drying. You get 60 pads in a pot and I use 2-3 a week (depending on how my skin is looking and feeling) so this pot will last me months. I only use it on the areas of my face that get congested (nose, chin, jaw) and then use the rest of the pad on my forearms where I get keratosis pilaris/chicken skin. I’ve been using these for about 2 months and I love them!

Serum (NTH – I can’t be without serums but if you want to streamline your routine/save money you could skip) – I’ve been trying out the Muji Light Toning Water High Moisture, which I bought in Japan. It falls into the same category/has the same function as the Rohto Hadalabo Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Lotion that I’ve been using for the past few months – it’s an added step if you want a bit more moisture. I apply a few drops to the palm of my hands and smooth it over my face. Sadly I don’t think the Muji product is as good – so I’ve been using both…!

Retinol (If you’re targeting fine lines and texture it’s a MH) – Yep, I’m still using the La Roche Posay Redermic R Intensive cream(Boots or Escentual). If you’re new, you can look back at previous Skincare Shake Up posts HERE to see why I’m still using this amazing retinol products months and months after first trying it.

Moisturiser (MH for most people, even if you’re oily) – I first tried the DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All-In-One Gel* late last year and really liked it so I was looking forward to using it again. I still like it but I definitely think it’s better suited to the colder months, as it feels a bit heavy for these warmer nights. I’ve only been using a small amount so that it doesn’t feel too smothering on my sensitive skin.

Treatment (MH for anyone with sensitive/sunburned/aggravated/dry skin) –  My seborrheic dermatitis is still not happy after last month’s issues, so I’ve been applying a little bit of the La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 (Boots or Escentual) to the affected areas to soothe them.


Skincare routine for sensitive skin, skincare for rosacea. Talonted Lex skincare shake up.


Cleansing (MH to remove dirt, oil, sweat, dead skin) – I’m still using the Simple Micellar Water* to freshen the skin on a morning. It’s quick, easy, and great for my sensitive skin.

Vitamin C (NTH) – I’m still using the La Roche Posay Redermic C10* (Boots or Escentual) and still loving it. If you would like to target signs of ageing (fine lines, loss of firmness, dull skin) but are worried that it will aggravate your skin, this is a great introductory vitamin C product.

Serum (NTH – I can’t be without serums but if you want to streamline your routine/save money you could skip) – Another repeat feature in my Skincare Shake Up, if you haven’t read how much I love the La Roche Posay HyaluB5 serum* (Boots or Escentual) then you can hear me wax lyrical about it HERE.

La Roche Posay Hyalu B5 serum. Skincare routine for sensitive skin, skincare for rosacea. Talonted Lex skincare shake up.

Moisturiser (MH) – The La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Fluid (Boots or Escentual) is still serving me well – it’s light, sinks in quickly, and leaves a great base for under make up.

SPF (ABSOLUTE MH) – This may shock you if you follow these Skincare Shake Up posts, but I tried – and liked! – a new SPF product this month. The Ultrasun Brightening Anti-Spot and Anti-Pollution Face Fluid SPF 50* is really lovely: it feels like nothing on the skin, doesn’t leave a greasy feeling, or a white tinge to the skin. I have noticed a little bit of pilling (when the product rolls up into balls) when it’s layered under make up, but I get around that by making absolutely sure my skincare has totally absorbed before applying, and leaving time between the SPF and my make up. The ‘anti-spot’ refers to pigmentation caused by sun damage, so if you’re concerned about age spots or discolouration, this may be the SPF for you.

Mask/treatments (NTH if you have specific issues you would like to target) – The Dermalogica Barrier Repair* is an unusual product. It feels a little like a primer – that silky silicone finish that some people hate (I don’t personally mind it) – but sinks in quickly leaving a matte finish. I find it very soothing and have been applying it to my cheeks and temples when they feel a little aggravated. The Medik8 Ultimate Recovery Cream* is aimed at skin that is dry, compromised, in recovery. I’ve been using it as a mask as it’s a little thick for my skin to use as a moisturiser, but it is one of the nicest masks I’ve used in a long time.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s Skincare Shake Up. I find my skincare routine so calming and relaxing: the moments I spend applying products to my skin are one of my only waking moments when I’m not looking at a screen and I relish them. I’ve tried hundreds of products over the years and I love telling you about them, so I hope you enjoy reading about them.


*PR sample. Links may be affiliate. For more information, please see the Disclaimer or Privacy Policy tab at the top of the page.


Skincare routine for sensitive skin, skincare for rosacea. Talonted Lex skincare shake up.


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