August 14 Beauty and Lifestyle Favourites

August 14 Beauty and Lifestyle Favourites

August 14 Beauty and Lifestyle Favourites

Want to see the odds and ends I’ve been loving the most this month? Let’s dive in!

Hendricks teacup – My little sister got me a Hendricks gin set for a wedding present and it came with a bottle of Hendricks and this adorable cup and saucer. There’s a little slow loris on the front (which is amazing as I always say my husband looks like a slow loris!) and says “A dreamer is one who can only find his way home by moonlight” which is a great Oscar Wilde quote. I didn’t want to risk smashing this by using it for its intended purpose, so I decided to use it to put tea lights in. It looks so cute!

August 14 Beauty and Lifestyle Favourites

Klorane nettle shampoo – I had heard great things about Klorane hair products so when I saw this come up in the Escentual sale I knew I needed it. It is a non-foaming shampoo so you really need to work it into hair but it leaves my hair super clean and gets all my product build up out so I am a big fan. It also smells like green smoothies which I LOVE, but if you prefer a prettier, floral scent maybe this isn’t the one for you! You can buy it HERE.

August 14 Beauty and Lifestyle Favourites

Cos metal and wood bangle – Cos own my heart. Minimal, simple and stylish clothes and accessories galore. I got this bangle in the sale and I love it! It’s metal on the outside and dark wood on the inside. Take a look at their jewellery range HERE and wave goodbye to your money!

Bourjois Poudre de Riz de Java – I absolutely love the packaging of this loose powder: it’s based on the original powder by Bourjois that was hugely popular in the late 1800s. It’s designed to set make up and illuminate the face. I have been using this to set my concealer under my eyes as the light-reflecting properties are very flattering. The tub has a plastic turning section inside, with small holes at one side, so you can shake out exactly how much you need so no wasted product. Love, love, love. Buy it HERE.

Maybelline Great Lash mascara – I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to try this mascara. It has been a cult product for such a long time but for some reason it never caught my eye. What a fool I was. I have been so impressed – it gives me super long, defined eyelashes, doesn’t flake and is easy to to remove. It does slightly transfer to my brow bone area by the end of the day but I have oily eyelids so I’m not holding that against it – I may try the waterproof version to test that out. Get it HERE.

Rimmel lip liner ‘Tiramisu’– I wanted some pinky toned lip liners and this Rimmel one is wonderful. It matches the colour of my lips perfectly, is soft, easy to apply and stays put. You can buy it HERE.

Bill Bryson ‘Made In America’– I am a big fan of Bill Bryson anyway and have read a lot of his travel books. This book is about the development and growth of America: from language, to people, to food, to commercialisation… I’m only half way through but I don’t ever want it to end! If you like books where you learn something, but that are interesting and funny to read at the same time then I highly recommend this. The sections on etymology and the changes over time are absolutely fascinating, I’ve been boring Aaron by reading the best passages out to him! You can get it HERE.

Michael Kors nail varnish ‘Envy’– My colleagues at my old work bought me some beautiful Michael Kors items as a leaving present and this nail varnish is a stunner. It’s a rich purple creme polish and is perfection in two coats. I wore this for over a week with no chips – love it. Buy it HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s favourites. I am going to try to do these every month going forward as it’s quite fun to reflect on what I’ve been loving each month!



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