Introducing Real Skin Club: The Skin Positivity Gift Shop

Real Skin Club: Your invite to the most exclusive inclusive club in the world.

Things have been a little quiet around here since lockdown began. Part of that has been because of, you know, the global pandemic (!) but also it’s because I’ve been beavering away on something really exciting.

I’ve been banging the skin positivity drum for a while now – sharing my own story and sharing the stories of others in the community – and I see Real Skin Club as the natural extension of that. Real Skin Club was set up to offer positive and inclusive products to those in the skin positivity community, to encourage everyone to view themselves with kindness, to embrace difference, and accept our unique appearances.

You can visit the website HERE to see what it’s about and have a look around but I’ve started with a core selection of products, including the one I am the most excited about: Real Skin Club Affirmation Cards. But the plans are pretty much limitless, including opportunities for other people in the community to get involved, to share their experiences, and to connect us all through positivity. I’d love for you to follow along along on Instagram, Pinterest, and pretty much every other social media platform going (just search ‘realskinclub’ and you’ll find us!)

This has been a ‘maybe one day’ dream of mine for so long and I am so excited to share it with you. I’m bringing all of my personal experiences and emotions into every part of this business and I am thrilled it’s finally out there in the world.

Welcome to Real Skin Club, the most exclusive inclusive club in the world – we are so happy to have you.

Real Skin Club x


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