Mirror Stickers: Fall In Love With Your Reflection

I am thrilled to introduce you to one of the newest additions to the Real Skin Club family: Mirror Stickers. These took a lot of planning behind the scenes as I just couldn’t find a company who could make them to my high standards without charging me an absolutely fortune. So I took a leap of faith, bought a machine, and taught myself how to make them! Every single mirror sticker is hand-designed, handmade, and hand-packed by me and I could not be prouder. Wondering what the hell mirror stickers even are? All the details are below…

'my skin does not define me' - skin positivity mirror stickers from Real Skin Club, to build confidence and improve self-love.

First things first… Who or what is Real Skin Club?

Real Skin Club is my online skin positivity gift shop. It’s something I was planning for a while but I finally bit the bullet and launched the business last year. I wanted to create products that support, represent, and empower the skin positivity community, building on the self-love message I’ve been sharing for years.

Okay, and what *are* mirror stickers?

Think about how many times you look in the mirror over the course of a day. And now imagine if every time you looked in the mirror, you were greeted with a positive and joyful message. For years, my skin was the first thing I thought about. It was the thing my eyes were drawn to in the mirror, the thing that formed the backbone of the unkind words my brain had on a loop. I spent well over a decade staring at my skin and thinking such negative and harmful things about myself, until I finally realised the power of those words and changed the narrative.

Real Skin Club Mirror Stickers encourage you to read and internalise kind thoughts about yourself. Phrases like ‘my skin does not define me’, ‘I am resilient’, ‘I will be kind to myself today’ will become your daily mantras. I know that it all sounds very woo-woo and I would have totally rolled my eyes at this a few years ago, but experts in this specific area highly recommend positive affirmations and working on rerouting negative thoughts as a great way to build resilience and confidence. If the negative things we say to ourselves can stick with us, why not replace them with positive things instead?

'i am more than my reflection' - skin positivity mirror stickers from Real Skin Club, to build confidence and improve self-love.

Hmmmm… Are they easy to use?

Yep! The stickers come with full instructions, but there’s also a video here that demonstrates just how easy they are to apply. Our stickers are made from professional-grade, semi-permanent vinyl. This means they’re hardy enough to withstand cleaning your mirror and won’t peel off when it gets steamy after a shower, but also means that when you do choose to remove them they can be peeled off with no residue or damage to the mirror. Perfect for renters and/or people with fickle tastes…!

Are ‘mirror stickers’ just for mirrors?

Absolutely not, the world is your oyster! Any surface that’s relatively smooth and clean would work: laptops, windows, shelves, boxes, notebooks…

Do they come in different sizes?

Yep! Depending on the phrase you choose we have mini, regular, or large stickers starting at just £4. Exact measurements are listed on the site, but feel free to message us if you have questions and we’ll try to advise. You can also cut up the stickers so you are able to arrange them however you like.

Amazing! What else does Real Skin Club offer?

Our current range has a few other products (with even more on the way!). I designed a set of affirmation cards with skin positive mantras to use as a daily practice to inspire and support; there is a gorgeous print designed by the wonderful James Walmesley; a Real Skin Club membership pin badge; as well as skin positive vinyl stickers.

I am so proud of Real Skin Club and the feedback from customers has been incredible. Thank you so much to every person who has supported us (whether that’s following us on Instagram, sharing our stuff with friends, or buying our products) – it honestly means the world.



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