Halloween Nail Art Tutorial

Halloween Nail Art Tutorial

Last week’s nail art tutorial seemed to go down well so I thought I would do another one. This week’s is a tutorial for dripping blood nails. These are quick, easy and look brilliant.

You will need: base coat; white nail varnish; red nail varnish; and top coat.

Step one: Apply base coat and two coats of white polish.

Step two: Decide where you want your drips to go and put drops of red nail varnish to mark the spots.

Step three: Join up the dots with red polish and add some further drips.

Step four: Add some lines of white polish to make the blood look wet. Put the lines wherever the light would catch it. Top coat away and you are done! Easy peasy!

What do you think of these gory nails? Will you try this manicure?



Halloween Nail Art Tutorial Fangs

Halloween Nail Art Tutorial Fangs

For today’s Nail Art Sunday I thought I would do a quick Halloween Nail Art Tutorial Fangs for you. This manicure is a little bit fiddly to start with, but once you get the hang of it, it is super easy. For this manicure you will need: a black polish; a red polish; a white polish and a thin brush (or a nail art pen) and some base and top coat.

Before you even get started with colours, you must paint on your base coat –  but you do that anyway, right…?! *hard stare*

You will need 3 polishes (black, red and white), a top coat and a small paint brush.

STEP ONE: Paint your nails black. I recommend Kiko 275 Black as it is the best one I’ve come across.

STEP TWO: Paint the ‘lips’ on at the bottom and top of your nails. You might want to do a layer of white under the lips so it pops against the black.

STEP THREE: Paint on the long fangs on the top and bottom of the lips.

STEP FOUR: Add in the smaller teeth in between and either side of the fangs.

Add top coat and you are done!

Are you going to be trying this nail art? Link me to your pics if you do, I love to see people’s nail art!



Galaxy nail art tutorial

I made this Galaxy nail art tutorial aaages ago and forgot about it, but here it is finally: a super simple tutorial for a galaxy manicure.

Galaxy Nail Art Tutorial


You will need: A few nail varnishes (you can choose your favourites after playing around a bit but for this particular look I chose black, navy, light blue, pale yellow, green, orange and white), a sponge, and a top coat.

1. Paint your nails with the black nail varnish and, using a small section of sponge (cosmetic sponges are perfect), lightly dab on some dark blue polish

2. Then dab a lighter blue onto the nail in swirls, covering about 75% of the darker blue patches.

3. Add highlights in whatever colour you like: I used green and orange.

4. Add further highlights in the centre of the lighter colours: I used a baby yellow

5. Use a dotting tool to add some stars in white polish. Finish with a generous layer of top coat to smooth it all out.

There you go! Galaxies in 5 easy steps. The best thing about galaxies is trying it out for yourself with any colours you like. Each time I do these, they turn out completely different.

Let me know if you try out this tutorial, I’d love to see your galaxy manicures!


Galaxy Nail Art Tutorial


I had never tried this technique before but am amazed at how well it works.

All you need is: a teabag, nail glue and a nail file.

Rip the teabag (cutting with scissors creates a thick edge that is harder to blend) to cover your whole nail. Coat your bare nail with glue and press the teabag onto the wet glue, smoothing out bubbles and taking care not to glue yourself to your nail!

Once that is dry, do another layer of glue over the top and wait for that to dry. File off the edges so you can’t see any teabag. The result should look like the 3rd photo above.

Put on base coat and nail varnish as usual. Et voila! A perfect fix!

You will have to redo this whenever it starts to lift (which depends on how often you take your polish off) until the split grows out enough to trim your nail properly.

Lex 🙂