Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

I have never bought in to the idea that you need to use tons of brushes for make up. I always found it easier and quicker to just use my fingers to apply and blend. But I heard rave reviews about the Real Techniques brushes and wanted to see if they lived up to it.

Holy. Moly.

I am in love. These brushes are one of the best things I have ever bought and considering the size of my beauty collection I think that’s saying something.

These brushes are perfect for applying foundation but can also be used for blush as well. The domed brush means you can get into corners and blend your foundation really well. The brush is unlike anything I’ve ever used as it is so firm with lots of densely packed bristles but it is so incredibly soft that, even on my sensitive skin, it’s not aggravating or harsh.

The brush is very thirsty and tends to drink foundation meaning that you use a lot more than you usually would, so I use it to apply my primer first as this helps to stop it absorbing so much of your base.

The finish using this brush is truly brilliant – the brush helps you to buff the foundation into your skin creating a flawless, almost airbrushed finish. I was also wrong about the lasting power – applying with a brush does help it to stay in place longer.

I am eating humble pie here – I won’t ever go back to applying with my fingers. I’ve also found that applying with a brush means my face doesn’t get as hot – sometimes my rosacea flares up when I’m applying make up and I’m now thinking it might be because I’m transferring heat from my hands to my face.

You can se the whole Real Techniques range HERE.



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