Game Of Thrones Nail Art

Game of Thrones Nail Art

Game Of Thrones Nail Art

I thought I would celebrate my return to nail art with a bang! I have got out of the habit of doing nail art and I actually missed it a lot as I find it really calming. So I decided to start a regular day on my blog to force me into doing nail art more often.

I asked Aaron what he’d like me to do for the first Nail Art Sunday and he immediately said Game of Thrones (our current TV series obsession) so here we go!

The nails are, from thumb to little finger: House Stark; House Lannister; House Baratheon; House Targaryen; and House Tyrell.

I hope you like them, I really enjoyed creating them. I’m a bit rusty with the detailing so please forgive any messy bits!


Game of Thrones Nail Art Game of Thrones Nail Art


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