Gold Gradient Nail Art

Gold Gradient Nail Art Gold Gradient Nail Art

Gold Gradient Nail Art

I missed Nail Art Sunday as I was absolutely shattered: I’ve been away at Creamfields (a music festival in the north of England) working so didn’t really get a weekend. But here we are, a day late!

I decided to do a gradient for this week’s nail art as I think gradients are a fairly simple way to make your nails stand out. I used a white base coat by Natural Collection. I find it hard to find a good white nail varnish but this one is pretty opaque and dries really quickly so it’s my go to white at the moment. I then sponged a glittery gold onto my tips: I used Collection ‘Shimmy Shake’.

I went against tradition and used Essie’s ‘Good To Go’ topcoat as my Seche Vite has run out. Now I remember why I never use it! It’s nowhere near as shiny, was really runny and didn’t dry quickly at all. Half an hour after I’d finished my nails I was still able to dent the polish with my nail: not good! I have already re-ordered Seche Vite so I don’t have to be without it. I will never forsake you again!



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