Barry M Molten Metals Review

Are you ready for some of the prettiest metallic nail polishes I’ve ever seen? I have been wearing these for most of this week and I am OBSESSED. Have a nosey at the Barry M Molten Metals review below…

Barry M Molten Metals Review

When you choose metallic nails, you’re walking a fine line. You can sometimes look a bit ‘teenage girl loose in Boots’ or ‘futuristic spacewoman from a bad 60s B-movie’. But these polishes have an extra dimension which makes them a bit different and a bit more grown up. All of these polishes were perfection in two coats and, like most metallic polishes, dry to a kind of matte finish. All of these swatch photos are shown with Seche Vite topcoat but you can see that they’re still not super duper glossy. I think this is just the nature of metallic-finish polishes. These polishes are fairly easy to take off which I was surprised by, but as a result of the shimmer in the nail varnishes the glitter does get EVERYwhere. Fair warning!

Full swatches of each polish below…

Barry M Molten Metals Review

Barry M Molten Metals ReviewBarry M Molten Metals ReviewBarry M Molten Metals Review

I think Barry M Molten Metals Bronze Bae* is going to be the sell-out shade. It’s a colour that will just be flattering on everyone. It’s a bronze foil base with gold and dark copper flecks which makes it so interesting to look at. That close up is just… *sigh*

Barry M Molten Metals ReviewBarry M Molten Metals ReviewBarry M Molten Metals Review

I think this is the only polish in the collection that just didn’t suit me. It’s a very yellow-toned gold shade and therefore in some lights it looks like it has a bit of a green tint. I think very yellow polishes made my hands look a bit spammy. Maybe if I get a bit of colour to my hands over summer this will be very pretty. The flecks in this one are less obvious: there are lighter gold flecks but not as obvious as the first nail varnish. Buy it here: Barry M Molten Metals Gold Digger*.

Barry M Molten Metals ReviewBarry M Molten Metals ReviewBarry M Molten Metals Review

I think I’ve mentioned my strange aversion to silver polishes but this one is just gunmetal grey enough to swing it for me. Barry M Molten Metals Silver Lining* combines light and dark grey-silver shades. I think this would make a really great polish for summer if you’re wearing something super girly and want something to give it a bit of an edge.

Barry M Molten Metals ReviewBarry M Molten Metals ReviewBarry M Molten Metals ReviewBarry M Molten Metals Review

And finally, ‘Copper Mine’. In case you hadn’t guessed from the fact I included more photos of this shade, this is my absolute favourite! Barry M Molten Metals Copper Mine* is my obsession at the moment and I think I’m going to be wearing this a lot. It’s a rose gold-copper-bronze DREAM. It has pink and gold flecks and it just glows. I’m wearing it now and just gazing at it lovingly!

So which shade is your favourite from my Barry M Molten Metals review? I love Barry M polishes in general due to their colour range, but partly because they are so well priced. I have a few more reviews coming up (Lolly Gloss and Coconut Infusion ranges – exciting!). So if metallics aren’t your thing, then keep an eye on the blog for some more traditionally summer appropriate colours!

*Products provided for review, links may be affiliate. For more information please see my disclaimer page at the top of the page.

Molten Metals FINAL collage

Barry M Molten Metals ReviewBarry M Molten Metals Review


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