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Today’s Mani Monday features some beautiful Mavala polishes. I’m pretty sure that summer is over and so my nails are gravitating towards more autumnal shades… and these three are absolutely gorgeous colours that will be perfect for the cooler weather and darker evenings.

Mavala Polishes

I bought two of these Mavala polishes in France last year and they’ve sat unloved in my ‘to try’ drawer. And another was given to me by my lovely friend Beccy to try, so I’ve finally dug them out to show you.

Mavala isn’t a brand from which I’ve tried many nail varnishes. I think the one in THIS video is the only one I’ve tried, which I loved. I think I was put off by the small bottles and quite high price for what you get (if they were full size, they would be about £13). But the colours are seriously beautiful so I may have to pick up some more. The brush is quite thin which is not my preference, but the formula of the polish suits it: it’s fairly thin and runny so there’s not issue about the polish drying as you’re applying it and streaking or bubbling, which is often an issue when you’re using a thin brush as you have to take longer on each nail. The thin formula does mean that you have to be careful around the edges and cuticle to avoid flooding and ruining the manicure. But the polishes dry very quickly and have a high shine. These photos are taken with a Seche Vite topcoat but you could probably get away with skipping a topcoat if absolutely forced.

Mavala Minsk is a deceptively beautiful polish. In the bottle I thought it was a pretty standard dark grey, perhaps something to rival my love for Nails Inc ‘The Thames‘ which I think has now been discontinued. But on the nails it has a slightly purple hue that just makes me love it even more. This only needed two coats for a full coverage finish.

Mavala Moon Grey is a pretty standard dove grey shade, but we all know that I can’t resist a grey polish! This has a slight beige tone to it, which means it’s a little warmer than many of the greys I own, so this has a little niche in my collection. The thin formula was most apparent with this polish and as a result it required three coats to get rid of all the bald spots.

Do you really need me to tell you how much I love this polish? I’m so predictable. This is Mavala Nairobi and it’s so far up my street. This burnt red/marsala shade was HUGE last autumn/winter and I became a little bit obsessed with essie ‘with the band’. ‘Nairobi’ is slightly more brown-toned and darker and I love love love it. This was another three coater.

Can you pick a favourite from these beautiful Mavala polishes? Have you ever tried anything from this brand? Let me know in the comments!


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Mavala polish swatches

Mavala polish swatches

Mavala PolishesMavala Polishes


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