Zara Kids… An Untapped Resource For Adult Fashion?

I’ve had my eye on the embroidered trend for a while: jeans, bags, boots, knitwear… I love it all. So I was very excited to add this beautiful jumper to my wardrobe. And I’m even more excited to tell you that it came from somewhere very unexpected… Zara Kids. (I’m aware people will be cursing my name right now but stick with me!)

Zara Kids... not just for kids! (embroidered floral jumper, skinny jeans, ankle boots, grey rucksack)

[All photos by the amazing Kirsty – if you hate having your photo taken I would really recommend her as she makes you feel so comfortable and has a great eye for photos!]

Just before Christmas I was wandering around the Zara Kids section in the Leeds store, looking for cute presents for my niece. I picked up this beautiful embroidered jumper and showed it to my mum but we both agreed my niece would hate it (she’s not a girly-floral type person!). But as I was holding it up, my mum said ‘how is that a child’s jumper? It’s the same size as you!’ For the purposes of clarity I’m 5 ft 5 and three-quarters (that three-quarters is very important to me!), I’m a size 12, and I have boobs: I am not the kind of person who would even think about shopping in the children’s section ordinarily! But this jumper is aged 13-14 (the oldest/biggest size they do) and is designed to be slouchy and oversized, so I think those factors are important to keep in mind. I definitely wouldn’t fit in a blouse/t-shirt/dress etc. but it’s worth just wandering around and seeing if there’s anything that catches your eye!

Zara Kids... not just for kids! (embroidered floral jumper)

Zara Kids... not just for kids! (embroidered floral jumper)

This particular jumper is sold out but there are a few other Zara Kids items I have my eye on that look roomy enough to fit an adult: An embroidered jumper that looks similar in dimensions to the floral one in this post, as does this lovely sequin jumper. I had a floral bomber jacket similar to this one when I was at uni and I left it in a taxi in a drunken haze – I still think about it from time to time so maybe this is a sign that I need a replacement! This adorable banana handbag would be perfect for summer holidays, as would this raffia one. How cute?!

Zara Kids... not just for kids! (embroidered floral jumper, skinny jeans, ankle boots, grey rucksack)

I got these amazing boots for Christmas and every time I wear them people comment on them. They even perfectly match the colour of my coat, which was unintentional! The boots are still available HERE (there are also some similar black or bright red ones in the sale…) The coat was from Phase Eight about 4 years ago, somewhere I don’t usually shop but this coat is just beautiful.

Red buckled ankle boots

The bag was also a Christmas present and I wore it every day in Japan. I haven’t used a backpack since I was at school and now am a total convert: it’s so much better for my back (I think I was developing a one-sided hunch from carrying a huge handbag in the crook of one arm…), it leaves my hands free, plus this one is so chic and cool. It was from Accessorize and looks like it might be sold out but they have so many beautiful ones to choose from HERE. The jeans are from Topshop (who probably make my favourite ever skinny jeans) and these are the cropped coated pair, available HERE.

Have you ever shopped in Zara Kids? Or any kids department? Do you think you’ll go have a look next time you’re passing? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Amanda
    6th February 2018 / 10:35 pm

    Those boots are spectacular! I do love a buckle (or more) on a boot…

  2. Laura
    8th February 2018 / 9:27 am

    You’re so cute!! Ok I’m 6ft so I don’t think this will work for me sadly…

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