Christmas Nail Art: String Of Pearls

I posted a Christmas nail art look last week and it seemed to go down very well, but a few people asked me if I could do something that was a bit less…kitschy Christmas. Something a little more grown up, more festive than Christmassy. Ask and you shall receive!

Christmas nail art inspiration. Red manicure with pearls, hand painted nail art ideas. Easy nail art for the festive season. #talontedlex #easynailart #christmasnails #christmasmanicure #festivenails

These are so simple to do but they are pretty fiddly. If you don’t have the steady hands or the patience, you could just do one pearl on each nail just above the cuticle. Or you could do the pearls like snow falling – that way you don’t have to worry about them being in line!

The initial steps are very simple, but step three is VERY important if you want your manicure to last longer than your Christmas dinner…

  1. Paint your nails – I chose a festive red (Essie Fishnet Stockings) – and apply top coat to seal. I always use Seche Vite because it dries ridiculously quickly, is really shiny, and makes your manicure last for ages.
  2. Apply a second top coat (preferably one that’s less fast-drying than Seche Vite as you’ll have longer to work!) and immediately start applying the pearls. I used ones from Ciate but any flat-backed pearls will do. To pick up the pearls, I used a dotting tool with a tiny bit of blu-tack on the end to help grab and place them.
  3. Once the pearls are in place, apply a third layer of top coat. Don’t paint *over* the pearls, just right up to the edges. This is important to seal the edges of the pearls and avoid lifting and catching. Any manicure with a 3D element is bound to snag on things (hair, clothes) etc but as long as you seal the manicure after applying the pearls, you’ll really improve its longevity.

I have had SO many comments on these nails in the past week, and they have brought me a lot of joy as I like to run my fingers across the bobbles. I hope you love this (subtle) Christmas nail art as much as I do!



Christmas nail art inspiration. Red manicure with pearls, hand painted nail art ideas. Easy nail art for the festive season. #talontedlex #easynailart #christmasnails #christmasmanicure #festivenails

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