Next Generation Masks

Like many people, I absolutely love a good mask. I remember being in my very early teens and buying Mountagne Jeunesse face masks with my pocket money and feeling so grown up (…just me?) As I’ve grown up, my skin has changed and I’ve developed a reliable skin routine, but I’ve expanded my mask obsession to include foot masks, hand masks, and lip masks. Anything new and fun immediately catches my eye! So here are my picks of the next generation masks.

Next Generation Masks: lip masks, individual piece sheet mask and peel off rubber masks...

I’m going to start with the most exciting and different masks I have tried recently, the ones from Kocostar. I tried out the Kocostar Cucumber Slice Mask Sheet*, the Kocostar Rose Flower Mask Sheet*, and the Kocostar Tulip Flower Mask Sheet* and it’s such a great concept that I don’t know why someone hasn’t done it before! Recently we’ve all discovered multi-masking and I see this as the next step. Imagine mini sheet masks, in the shape of fruit or petals, that you can place in the exact spots they are needed to create a truly tailored face mask – so bloody clever! Each mask is aimed at a different skin need: the cucumber mask is good for dryness and tired-looking skin and contains Vitamin C; the rose mask is for rejuvenation, aiming to soothe and smooth the skin; and lastly, the tulip mask is designed to help boost hydration. I’ve put a photo of me wearing all three below! I would recommend only opening the very top of the packet, and keeping the packets upright afterwards, so that the remaining patches don’t dry out.

Next Generation Masks - individual sheet mask pieces for a truly tailored face mask experience

Next Generation Masks - individual sheet mask pieces for a truly tailored face mask experience Next Generation Masks - individual sheet mask pieces for a truly tailored face mask experience

Beauty Boulevard Divine Hydra-Gel Lip Mask* I love anything that’s a little bit different so when these lip masks dropped onto my desk I was really excited. I wear a lot of matte lipsticks so my lips are often in need of some TLC and we give our skin a treat with a face mask, so why not our lips? The box comes with two of these individually wrapped masks and you simply remove and place them over your lips. They hydrate, smooth fine lines and slightly plump the lips – which I was a bit suspicious of, but it definitely had a noticeable impact. Obviously it’s temporary, but for a big party or event these are a great idea. Plus they make you look a bit silly which is always high on my list of priorities!

Next Generation Masks - A plumping lip mask... Next Generation Masks - A plumping lip mask...

I’ve really been enjoying using the Nügg Detoxifying Face Mask* and the Nügg Soothing Face Mask* recently. I’ve linked to the multi-pack but you can also buy them individually if your skin is picky and you just want to try one. I also found that there was far too much product in each pot, so I carefully resealed the lid and put it in the fridge to use the leftovers the next day – which means these masks work out to be seriously good value.

Nugg face mask - individual face mask pots

I tried out a small patch test of the Bliss Mask-A-Peel rubberizing mask* and I think the menthol and tea tree oil is too strong for my sensitive skin (they’re both big triggers for my rosacea), but I tried it on my husband and he really loved it. Each box has three individual application pots… which look alarmingly like pots of yoghurt! You add water to the powder in the pots and stir with the spatula provided and quickly apply to the skin. It forms a thick paste powder blue paste that dries to a rubberised finish that, after 20 minutes, peels off in a really satisfying sheet. He said his skin felt really cool, smooth and soft, so I think he’s a convert!

Bliss Mask-A-Peel Rubberised face mask

Bliss Mask-A-Peel Rubberised face mask

Which of these next generation masks appeal most to you? Are you more of a traditional cream mask person? Or are you drawn to sheet masks, individual mini masks, or peel off masks?


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  1. 4th March 2017 / 10:58 am

    I’m curious about those Kocostar masks and am yet to give them a go. I love hydragel patches in general, I’ve got one of the BioAqua lip ones but saving it for an occasion. I’m glad that the rubber masks went down well. I tried one from a Korean brand and it did not fair well on my skin. It’s a lot of faff too so will be sticking to the sheet masks. Have you tried a bubble mask yet?

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