Essie Winter Collection 2017 Review

It’s a struggle for me to decide which I love more: Christmas or nail varnish… so let’s combine the two shall we? Let me introduce you to the Essie Winter collection 2017*.

Essie Winter Collection 2017 review and swatches

The first thing that struck me about the Essie Winter collection is that there are two red shades… which seems a little bit excessive. In a collection of six, it seems like a waste when I would’ve loved to have seen some more glitters or a green… maybe I’m nitpicking!

The colours in this collection are inspired by New Year festivities, so I think it’s meant to be more ‘festive’ than Christmassy which seems clever judging on all of the press releases I’ve had about glitters and metallics… What kind of colours are you most drawn to at this time of year? Full swatches below, with links to get more information or buy if you click on the polish names.

Essie Winter Collection 2017 review and swatches

‘Social-lights’ is a ‘shimmer slate-grey’ with a beautiful amber glow. I have so many grey nail varnishes but the shimmer in this polish gives it an extra dimension that I love. I can see myself wearing this all through the colder season: it’s grey enough to go with lots of outfits but special enough that I wouldn’t feel bored. This needed two generous coats for full coverage.

Essie Winter Collection 'Social-Lights'

‘Suit & Tied’ is apparently a ‘fancy sand beige’. I didn’t think I would like this when I saw the bottle as it looked a little too warm for my pale skin. But on the nails it’s less beige and more terracotta with a beautiful rosy-tone which makes it very flattering. I wouldn’t say this is a New Year colour but I think I’ll probably come back to this one when I’m all glittered out after the parties! This was quite a thin formula so I used three layers to get full coverage.

Essie Winter Collection 'Suit & Tied'

‘Ring In The Bling’ – a ‘dazzling ruby red pearl’. CHRISTMAS ON A STICK. For me, this is the stand out colour in the essie winter collection, and the one I think will sell out in most stores. It’s a rich and sexy blue-red with the most incredible pearly sparkle. I’m wearing it right now and have had so many comments on it already. This only needed two coats.

Essie Winter Collection 'Ring In The Bling'

‘Be Cherry!’, a ‘bright crimson red’. I know I’ve already said this but why do we need two reds? They’re both very pretty (although I think this one is massively overshadowed by ‘Ring In The Bling’) but it seems like a strange choice, especially if this is not even marketed as a Christmas collection… ANYWAY. This is very bright pinky red that will probably sit unloved in my stash until June when I will rediscover it and wear it for the whole summer. I love the colour, I just think it’s a bit lost in this collection. This needed three layers.

Essie Winter Collection 'Be Cherry!'

‘New Year, New Hue’ is a seriously yummy ‘rich magenta purple’. I like that this is a slightly lighter purple – usually purple wintery polishes are very dark plum shades that look very chic but can be a little dull after a while. This feels very festive and is still perfect for those people who want some seasonal nails but can’t get away with or don’t want red/gold/green talons. This only needed two coats.

Essie Winter Collection 'New Year New Hue'

‘On Your Mistletoes’ is a ‘dense oxford blue’. I had never heard the term ‘oxford blue’ before so had to Google it and it’s very pretty dark teal-blue with a murky grey undertone – definitely up my street. It’s a little darker on the nails than it is in the bottle but I don’t mind that. I think if you’re a navy nail lover then this will make a nice change. As I mentioned above, I’m so pleased to see Essie doing some unusual darker colours. This was perfect in two layers.

Essie Winter Collection 'On Your Mistletoes'

Do you think you’ll be picking up any of the polishes in the Essie Winter collection? Do you tend to go full on glitz for the New Year celebrations, or keep it low key? Let me know in the comments below!


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Essie Winter Collection 2017 review and swatches


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