Essie Fall 2017 Collection: Back To The Nineties…

I’ve had a few messages from people asking if I would be reviewing the Essie Fall 2017 collection and I’m happy to say it is so worth the wait. This collection is inspired by the 90s which – as an 80s baby – I am LOVING. There’s a definite Clueless vibe with the nails and it’s making me want to watch the film immediately. There is also a 3 for 2 deal on essie polishes at the moment, so just let that percolate while you peruse the amazing swatches below… #enabler

Essie Fall 2017 collection - nineties inspired!

Before we crack on with the Essie Fall 2017 collection swatches, I have to address the stumpy elephant in the room: my nails. I broke a nail last week and the air turned blue with the swearing that ensued! As a result I had to file all of my nails down to match it so prepare yourself for the very short nails below. I know a lot of people will say that these are not short but they are for me (I’ve had to relearn how to type!) and more people will say that they prefer the nubs to my long nails (shush) so I’m getting that in straight away! The nails will be back soon, I’m practically Wolverine…

Essie Fall 2017 collection - nineties inspired!

Mixtaupe* is ‘a warm ivory with a dash of pink’. I’ve seen a few people having issues with the formula of this polish but I think it applied really well for a light colour. I got full coverage in two thin coats with no bald spots or dragging. I’ve included a photo of it next to ‘Wrap Me Up’ (also swatched here) and ‘Neo Whimsical’ (swatched here) to show their similarities: I’d say WMU is more yellow-toned while NW has a more purple lean.

Saved By The Belle* is a ‘light baby pink with subtle blue undertones’ and I actually found this formula harder to work with than ‘Mixtaupe’. I needed three very careful layers to cover the patchiness which is pretty common for pastel colours. I’ve mentioned before that I have a soft spot for ‘Pepto Bismol pink’ nails, I just think they’re so fun and pretty. I’ve included a shot of it next to ‘Backseat Besties’ (on the right below, swatched here) which is more peachy, and ‘Inside Scoop’ (on the left, swatched here) which is more sheer and a little lighter.

As If!* is described as a ‘powdery periwinkle blue with a hint of red’. This had quite a sheer formula on the first coat, but only needed two for full coverage. It’s such a beautiful colour that has just enough grey in it for me. I’ve compared it to ‘Bikini So Teeny’ (on the left, which is a little lighter and has a shimmer running through it) and ‘Lapis Of Luxury’ (on the right, slightly lighter with more of a grey tone).

Girly Grunge* is a ‘soft silvery metallic with a light purple shine’ and I LOVE IT (I doubt anyone is shocked at that news!) but I am surprised that this is the second silver-purple polish that Essie have released in the space of a few months. I would have loved to have seen another metallic but I’m not going to turn my nose up at this beauty! As with most metallic polishes you have to be careful with the application to make sure the brush strokes aren’t too messy I’d recommend doing one stroke on the left of the nail, one on the right, then one to tidy and smooth down the middle!) I’ve photographed it next to ‘S’il Vous Play’, which you can also see swatched here.

Knee-High Life* is described as a ‘deep wine red with purple undertones’. I think if you ask anyone to picture the classic autumnal nail varnish shade, this would be it. A rich berry shade that makes you feel chic but a little bit vampy at the same time (the photos make it look a little more red than it is in real life). This is a full coverage polish in two layers, but you will definitely need a base coat and to be careful when you remove as it will stain skin, nails and cuticles easily! I’ve compared it to Recessionista (more purple and slightly brown-toned, on the left below), ‘Bahama Mama’ (second in the row, darker and more blue based) and ‘Twin Sweater Set’ (on the right, much more red).

Dressed To The Nineties* is a ‘dark purple with a blue-green shimmer’ and is an absolute nightmare to photograph! In overcast daylight it looks like a very dark plum purple, but as soon as you catch that shimmer it just lights up with green and gold. This only needed two thin coats and I don’t have anything similar in my collection when it comes to the unusual shimmer. I’ve compared it to ‘Kimono-over‘ (a little more pink, on the left) and ‘Designated DJ‘ (much too purple, on the right) below. I’ve also included some pictures of ‘Dressed To The Nineties’ with a flash to show the shimmer.

And that’s the Essie Fall 2017 collection, which one is your favourite? Will you be treating yourself to any of them? Don’t forget that there’s currently a 3 for 2 deal on Essie polishes!


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Essie Fall 2017 collection - nineties inspired!

Essie Fall 2017 collection - nineties inspired!

Essie Fall 2017 collection – it’s love!



  1. Julia
    10th September 2017 / 4:23 pm

    What a nice review! Definitely love your comparisons! The colors are all pretty but I do hope they’ll make some more unique and creative colors like their last fall collection 2016…I personally picked up “girly grunge” which I think is the most unique one, since for the rest I have similar bottles already.

  2. Corinne Sechrist
    14th September 2017 / 3:12 am

    Is this us gel polish and where can I buy these colors?

  3. 27th September 2017 / 11:22 am

    I feel you with the broken nail situation! While mine are certainly nowhere near the length of yours, I had successfully managed to grow them to a decent length with a good shape – then promptly broke my pinky, middle finger and thumb nails in a week and had to cut them right down (theres another big chunk out my thumb that I’ll also need to file down when it grows out enough) Why does this happen?! I bought saved by the belle last week and I absolutely loved it to the point its now on both fingers and toes which rarely happens! Love this collection a lot!

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